Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Our beagle

We were told. Beagles are not loyal. They have their noses to the ground, and are hunters. Our girls wanted a puppy, and Becca wanted a beagle so bad. We got one. I have to admit however, he is worse than a toddler. Worse! Sparky is into everything. He kept escaping our fenced in yard. He is fast and quite the jumper we found out. We can not leave him loose in the yard unless we are directly watching him, for fear he'll jump out of the yard. So....

We got a dog run, in hopes that he would stay in the yard. you can see above it didn't work to well....we are working on it though...

until next time.


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Romina Garcia said...

Your beagle is beautiful! Cheeky, but beautiful! I heard that beagles are supposed to be excellent with children :-)