Sunday, July 29, 2012

Olympics 2012 Summer

It is certainly going by fast, the summer that is.  I missed the opening ceremonies. but my hubby did record it for me.  I couldn't wait for Paul McCartney. The fact that there was 204 countries, some of them I hadn't heard of, was extremely fascinating to me.  I loved seeing the wardrobes all the countries wore as well.

I have to admit, he seems like age is catching up to him, he is 70 and showing it.  His voice sounded feeble as well.  But I love him.  Kind of hokey with the jumping out of the copter and the queen, but oh well. 

I watched the mens water polo, and was fascinated.  I really haven't watched much, but am excited to see what unravels.   

Well I am the biggest procrastinator and must get to my paperwork, until next time.


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