Thursday, July 26, 2012

Hello and good morning blogging world!!!  Is anyone out there??  It has been an incredible summer.  I have had the girls in summer camp, and they love the activities.  Of course we missed all of our theater friends, but we will see them in the fall and winter.  My girls are actresses of course.

We don't have the money this year to go on a great big vacation, but we may do a weekend excursion before the girls go back to school, which will be on Aug 20th.  Last night I had them do some reading, because they have been like zombies in front of the television.  I do have them addicted to big brother...bad mom! 

I started marketing for a new home health company and it is going very slow, as is my housework, but I plan to have this house ready and clean before Christmas!

I love my facebook friends.  I love my blogger readers, keep reading.  Until next time!


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