Thursday, June 7, 2012

Surviving Summer Camp

Well we are almost a week into summer camp, and the girls are loving it. I wasn't sure if they'd take to it or not, since they had been in acting camp for so long. I asked them if they'd like to camp in the fall and they agreed, so all is not lost!! Chuck and I thought it would be a good change for the girls, and help round them out a little. Becca had been wanting to ice skate. Today, on this first Thursday of camp they will both take a trip to Haunted Trails, and are looking forward to it. I must say looking at the schedules for the two camps, the park district has the 8 weeks jam packed with fun activities. I even want to go to summer camp. I've also enlisted them into free bowling, which I would love for the girls to do with me as well. I would love to be on a mom and daughter team with them, if they can learn to stop throwing gutter balls. I am not all that consistent myself. I am hoping with this summer camp too, that the girls will make some new friends outside of the school arena. Both have had a hard time with bullies in the school, with the school doing little or nothing at all about the problem. I don't have the problems with Abby at home that the school seems to feel or think they have. All kids have their moments, and my heart child is no exception. It has been particularly hard on Abby these last 4 yrs or so dealing with her heart defect as well. Well, that is all for now. I do have so much more to tell you. Until next time. carole

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