Sunday, June 15, 2014

It has been a long time since I have blogged last.  I've read a few blogs this morning of moms with young kids.  My two daughters are 12 and 15.  Where does the time go?  I always tell my young mom friends not to blink, because they grow up so fast.  Often times, us moms of older kids wish we could get some of that time back.  Oh how I wish!!!!

Abby is my 15 year old.  Next year she will be a sophomore in school, and the fun will really begin.  And yes, if you can believe it, teens can be fun.  While moody, temperamental and just being female, Abby has plenty of issues.  She is a blessing, and we are so lucky to have her with us.  Abbys' start in the world, was no easy task.    She has blossomed into a beautiful young woman.  
She will insist that she and her sister Becky don't get a long, but if you could only peer into my world, you would see how very untruthful she is about that.  I am hopeful that when I leave this world, Abby and Becky will definitely be able to rely on each other, if no one else.  That's all I ever wanted for my two girls.

Becky is the opposite of Abby in so many ways.  She is my twelve year old, my pre teen, my baby.  Calm as a cucumber, but still cuddles and needs mom.  She is more of an avid reader than Abby, but Abby is catching up to reading.  Both girls love life, love anything and everything.  Fearless are they (which I am not too fond of, being mom)  Becky will try any food once, even tongue...blech!  (she didn't get that from me.)  Both girls like to cook, as much as both hate to clean.  Both love the mall (me too) with Abby being the biggest shopaholic like her mom.  

Abby is my writer, and I am hopeful she will be a #1 seller of any of writings some time in the future!  

Well, onto my motherly and wifely duties today.   Happy Fathers day to all you dads.  Enjoy your daughters!


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Marybeth Barrett said...

Kids do grow up fast. Mine are all adults now and I miss their youthful years. But I enjoyed them when they were young and remember every moment I had with them. They are a blessing. You have many more memories to make with your girls. Enjoy them!