Friday, August 22, 2014

Baseball adventure

So on August 21, we decided to go to our minor league baseball game.  Our Joliet Slammers were playing Rockford.  My husband got us seats on the thirdbase line, very close to the Rockford teams dugout.  I could have killed him, but all was forgiven when a gal was recruiting people for a contest.  AH, my wickedly funny revenge.  Chuck had complained he was hungry.  So I signed us up for the nacho eating contest.  Chuck was going to eat the nachos.  It was raining and I was sure that it would be rained out, but it didn't.  

After the 2nd inning came the nacho eating contest, and we were competing with another couple.  A young couple who was very determined to win.  I have to say it was the grossest contest ever, and we  lost.  I had to stand behind my blindfolded husband and feed him his nachos.  It was just gross.  I am not sure what the other couple won, but they deserved it.

Then, one of the Rockford players came over and asked our girls if they could get the players peanuts, they were hungry.  They ended up getting two bags, we bought a bag and they bought one...But the fun part was.  The girls got an autographed baseball from the Rockford team.  I will post pics on facebook and here when I can.  That was awesome!  AWESOME!  

We all had to go home early due to work obligations and school.  We even got some Milano buns, which in Joliet is a real treat!  The girls were exhausted, and even our non baseball family member (Becca) had fun!

Until next time.


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