Saturday, March 14, 2009

Sassy Saturday!

Not enough time in a 24 hour period! Right now my two daughters are sleeping, but it was a rough night last night! Abby was very sick, and vomited all night. This morning she was bright eyed and bushy tailed. I got cancelled from my agency hospital job. I had called them last night to see about the possiblity...they said no possiblity or little. They lied. I have tons of paper work to do for my home health job though, and so I will get to that soon. I've also updated my chd blog, so please do visit that, and will be giving out prizes SOON! and had a winner to the contest here, she will be getting her tarts! I also had to rearrange my online vendor party days because, well money. I can't turn down 50 dollars an hour for much the parties will be on tues and wed. Fascinating I know! However I am a big believer that vendor parties, whether you pay for them or not are THE best way, to sell your wares. Blogging is another. I still have to send out my lemonade awards, I have not forgotten, and I haven't plurked today. I've twittered, not plurked. Darn! That's it for my Sassy Saturday! Have a great weekend.

Til we see each other online again.


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