Monday, March 23, 2009


So being a good blogger, and wahm, I decided to join Twitter. After all it was supposed to be the next big thing in social networking. At first it seemed awesome, everything was flowing, ebbing, as it should. I would forget a password, get it reset, and things were back to normal. All kinds of groups popped up, people made up groups in their ning networks devoted to twitter. Even, me, Carole Harris has a twitter group here I was excited, and quickly got followers and made friends. I joined all kinds of chats and eventually had to go back to work somewhat. Then my twitter downfall, I forgot my password once more, and am not getting it reset for some reason. Other people I am finding out are getting locked out too. How can this be???? HOW can something so wonderful come to an abrupt halt??? I read up on all the apps, dos and don'ts, and kept my ning network updated as I could. I am so bummed out! If anyone reading this in twitterville can help...PLEASE DO! I have emailed and emailed twitter to no end or solution! thank you so much for reading.


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