Saturday, April 25, 2009

Follow up,,,, Jaime Foxx, Miley Cyrus, The View

I like The View ladies, I really do. I mean, where else can you find a bunch of catty women who are just blatantly catty, and well to be truthful rude to their guests when they overtalk them??? No where, and perhaps that's why the show is so popular, and gets the brunt of jokes. Aside, individually each one is uniquely talented.

I was troubled when I tuned in The View, however to find 3 out of the 5 defending Jaime Foxx in relation to Miley Cyrus, saying he's a comedien, and he was "supposedly" joking. Really?
Are these ladies clueless...and Elizabeth Hasselbeck, was suprisingly quiet, which I found unusual, as outspoken and vehment as she is with these ladies. All of these ladies have children, adopted or their own. Now, if they don't have girls, certainly they CAN remember what it was like to grow up as a teen girl...can't they??? And since when is it ever ok for an adult to make fun of ANY teen, much less say the stuff Jaime Foxx said on his radio show??? I find this unacceptable. Ok, you're a comedien, whether dirty, clean or whatever, one thing is clear. It isn't ok to make fun of kids in any sense.
Teens, especially girls, in todays world have enough on their plate without adults causing more stress. We want our teens to pay attention and respect us right? Why would they do that when they hear adults like Jaime Foxx and the ladies on the view. The ladies made excuses. Not to mention, it lays the whole foundation for men to verbally abuse and joke about women world wide. Unacceptable ladies. There is a line. If you're going to be funny, be funny, but also be a humanitarian, kind, compassionate. These aren't values that you haven't learned are they???? Comediens should draw the line at kids, and yes Sherie Shepherd did say that, but it was drowned out by the others, shame! It is a shame that these women didn't get the point. Think about it. What was funny in what he said??? Did you really think that was funny? Would you, in a conversation with your girlfriends, think that was funny, if another woman or friend said that? What if it were said about your daughter, even as a joke? In my opinion, no mother should let another adult make fun of their teen daughter, Unacceptable....that goes for dads too!

When my girls get older, the one thing I hope is that they NEVER treat anyone with the kind of disrespect Jaime Foxx has shown Miley Cyrus. It is my hope that they NEVER make fun of another female. Now we all know how women can get, and I do have high hopes. I have great kids, I do thing the bar has been raised. Have a good Saturday.


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LisaLisa said...

I saw that show as well and I was sicken by the comments that everyone made.Whatever happen to people showing respect for others.