Monday, April 13, 2009

New beginnings

We have lots of new beginnings!!! WELLLLLLL...I am very excited to report that Abby has learned to ride without training wheels! Well she probably could have done this last year, but we wanted to play it safe. She will get a new bike this year, and I am looking into getting both Becca and Abby roller skates for the spring.

Chuck just wants a new t.v. and his recliner I promised him for his birthday and surprise there!

Actually we are thinking of going to Disney again this year for vacation. I am not sure we will do it. We are finding really awesome deals. And Chuck is wanting to fly the girls out, so that will be their first plane ride. That alone is exciting for me, because I didn't fly until I was money...yep...poor as dirt!

Any way, my home health job is really kickin. Lots of paper work, but I still love it. Very unstressful....

We had a great, PEACEFUL Easter and hope you did too. This is why this blog is called MY BIZZY WORLD..not busy enough eh?

Networking? Always!

My vendor parties are on hold until I can update and I have alot of that to do, also
I am collaborating on an I will be writing tonight.

The girls are looking forward to their summer musical, and I am hoping to enroll them in baseball. And how are you? Drop me a comment or email.

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