Thursday, August 6, 2009

Caroles Rant of the week!

New feature starting today! My rant of the week. It goes something like this...It is either about a hot topic on tv, or about a celebrity, (his her views, or quiet anything) or wahm thing. Here's my rant for today. BRAD PITT!

We all love him, or at least most of us do...whether you think he's charming, great looking, or is a great humanitarian. The man knows how to get attention. One thing that gets my goat however is this. Brad Pitt would like for us (you and I) to not tell him how to live, not to judge, or do anything of that sort. That's fine Mr. Pitt....but I believe you do the same as we do. You have an abundance of dislike for the religious, or so it seems. He has said, he is 20% atheist, and 80% agnostic. In some of the print I have read, he clearly does not like religious people and seems quite judgemental in his words. (my opinion) And while he states in the media he doesn't like to be told how to live, he continues to preach about prop 8 and the like.

Don't misunderstand. I am a big Brad Pitt fan, and don't have anything against prop 8. However, if someone doesn't like to be judged, and told how to live, then why are you telling us what we should vote for? AND why are you telling us HOW people should be allowed to live?

While I agree with some of Mr. Pitts' politics, I can't say I agree with his double edged sword.

If I tell you: "don't tell me or anyone else how to live" sure, I won't be telling anyone else how to live, vote or anything of the like. Just my rant.

Thanks for reading...Peace!

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