Sunday, August 9, 2009

Start with....commitment Sunday!

Today is Commitment Sunday! I am committed to getting back into shape. Yes, I've said it before, but I've looked at recent photos of myself, and really am not happy. I want to loose 10 lbs at least. I'm realistic. I want to loose more actually, but I will start with 10. I will be honest with myself. With my new job, I've been doing alot of eating on the run. Stuff I've avoided doing for the past 1 1/2 yrs. I fell off the wagon, shame on me! Luckily my diabetes has been stable. My goal when I was diagnosed was to be off the meds by this time. I am somewhat disappointed, but realize I am only human, have flaws, and not infallible. I will set new goals, with the first a 10 lb weight loss by October. (or at least 1/2 that) I'm off now....Will go do the treadmill after cold case tonight. If you'd like to join my commitment sunday, leave a comment in the comment section. What will you commit yourself into doing?

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Dawnmarie said...

You can totally do it! Just focus one one pound a week. That is not too much. When you lose more than one pound in a week, it will be a treat for your self-esteem. 8^)

Snowberry Creek said...

Yay, for you! You have made a giant step - getting started. I am going to make a commitment to get more exercise. I feel better when I exercise and diabetes runs in my family. I need to get up and move....guess it's time to dust off the treadmill. I'll be coming back for motivation and encouragement. lol You can do it! And I'm going to make a effort to stick to my exercise regime this time.

Serendipity Collections said...

Hi Carole,

I think even a 5 lb loss by October is reasonable. I agree with Dawnmarie - you can totally do it! I also agree with Snowberry Creek that getting started is a GIANT step! Good for you. I am rooting for you. Let us know your progress.

Your friend from Read My Blog,

Snowberry Creek said...

I'm coming by for morale support. Hope all is going well. I need to get more motivated. I've been a little slack this week....I am going to get started Sunday! Dedication...that's what I need. lol

Marla said...

Good for you, taking the first steps is always the hardest part of the commitment stage, I know you can do it, if you work at is like you do your parties...wink...

I wanted to stop by to say Thank You for the blog comment.. I love gardening, and I am sadden that the season is almost over already... Time to start planing for next year...LOL...

Have a great week,

Serendipity Collections said...

This seems to be a gathering place for support and inspiration concerning our personal goals (thanks for the post, Carole!). I am starting this week too, thanks to you guys. I need to lose 5 lbs so my clothes fit better and then I need to get more active.

Snowberry Creek - you can do it too! Just set your mind to it, set realistic goals and take action. I am rooting for you!