Sunday, June 12, 2011

cleaning day, and the puppy

I can not brag enough about how good this puppy is. Last night when we got home from a graduation party my hubby took care of the puppy. He is paper trained pretty well. We let him roam around for a little bit, and then he took him out. Well no poop or pee for the first time, but he hadn't eaten. So then my hubby thought he'd wait. So after I went to see my patient, I guess he fell asleep, and the puppy went to sleep on the couch at his feet. Well, then the puppy got down from the couch and went wee wee on the paper and somehow got back on the couch...(good puppy) He does go poop and pee outside. I know those of you reading this is probably thinking tmi...but I've never really had a puppy. We had two dogs when I was younger with my brother and sister, but I never really had the opportunity to bond with them, in fact I think they hated me. So I am really excited, I think we made a really good choice. The only problem is the girls won't leave him alone for beans. They took him for a walk, (they asked dad)but abby and becca walked all the way to the gas station. That was too far of a walk for that little pup. Hubby of course was not too pleased, nor was I. I really don't want my 9 yr old walking that far, or thinking she can walk without permission, or even with permission. For now anyway.

As far as cleaning's like pulling teeth. I did sleep in, so now chuck is taking his nap. I will let him. He fixed breakfast and got up with the puppy and girls. He was up early. But the girls. So much laundry, I don't get how a family can gather up so much laundry. Anyway, I am energized, but I want to have my fun too, and I am going to do some work, then polish off my paperwork, and go into the office tomorrow. Becca really doesn't like cleaning so much or taking her dirty laundry down...grrrrrrrrrrrr.....Abby was cleaning her room. We shall see, if they do a good job I will take them to splash station if the weather is nice.

Until next time.


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