Friday, June 10, 2011

It's been a long time...but I have a few rants!

Rant rant rant.....

My number one rant is the rude people on the road today. I was out driving on the left lane...going faster than I should really, and I had this guy speed up behind me. He signaled and pointed for me to go into the middle lane. I was so mad! Yes I did. I flipped him off. I know I shouldn't have, but the nerve of this driver. He was going much faster than I, so eventually he passed me. I eventually moved to the middle lane. Then I got the honkers. I wasn't turning fast enough, or starting to go on the green light fast enough. The worst honkers are the trucks that are usually 8 cars behind. Now who do they think they are? How much of a gain do they think they will make by honking? I wonder.

My second rant is at this blogger who was on Carson Daly. I much rather follow @BrandyEllen or some other wahms then follow her. She makes dumb declarative and often insulting comments on her twitter. The only reason she has so many followers is because of a rocker who told everyone to follow her. There is nothing special about her blog, she even rants at the women on the view for commenting about her. I'm not sure why she qualified as a writer. The one comment she made on twitter that really irked me however was about children. If you are going to pick on children pick on your own. I was raised never to comment on peoples looks. If you point your finger at someone, there were three pointing back at you. I guess for tasteless twitter comments you get followers.

Why would any mom follow someone who states on twitter "one of the most popular rides @ disney are obese 10 yr olds being pushed in strollers.

Really has a lot of audacity, and who is she to judge. My job here isn't to disuade you in following @kellyoxford but if you're a mom...why would you?

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Melissa A. said...

That blogger comment got me! As you know, I am a huge advocate when it comes to ending the trend of childhood obesity and it's comments such as those that make people feel like there is nothing they can do to help.

Instead of making such awful comments this blogger should use her leverage to help end this awful trend. It's never acceptable to make fun of people who are overweight especially young children