Friday, September 16, 2011

Our new puppy

I guess I wasn't prepared for Sparky as I thought I was. He is really worse than any child I've been with, and worse than the two I am raising. He really is into everything, and is nipping at the girls. Although the nipping has toned down some. He also is 95% paper trained, I just found an accident he obviously had sometime after I swept the kitchen floor, and also ripped into my box of lentil soup from a wahm I bought. So right now I am not happy with Sparky at all. My husband wants to get him a shock collar but I don't know that that is best. We need to let sparky know he is not ruler of the roost. At night time, he does let us sleep, and he is fairly good with the girls...I am just very frustrated.

other news:

The family has been going on 1.5 mile treks at forest preserves. I have lost 20 pounds at least, but I have been sick, and am sure that I lost weight through my illness. I love being with my family on the weekends. I also have a baptism this weekend that I look forward to going to.

The girls will start their acting class this November, and Becca wants to be in Orchestra playing the Viola. The meeting for that is later this month, and there is a dance at our church for Abby the same day, so I don't know how I will be able to be in two places. Chuck will have to be in one, and I will drop Abby off in one I guess.

Also the school told Becca she had to choose her after school tutoring OR her religion. My husband threw a fit, and he isn't even Catholic. We will see how this develops after the weekend.

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