Friday, August 12, 2011

Mr. Mom

Yep, that's his new nick name. Chuck got news that he has to be home for a little while longer due to his carpal tunnel surgeries. Disappointing yes, for him anyway. He was looking forward to going back to work, and economically the best thing for us is to get him to work soon! Now to get to the point of the blog today.

A few day ago, we had the neighborhood kids playing in our yard. Unusual, yes, but doable. My house was not clean enough, sadly to have 5 children running around in it with a puppy. Besides, it was much nicer out that day. So, cut up a watermelon for them as a snack. Then, he made a fruit salad. He is experimenting for his 50th birthday party. Party goers will enjoy this colorful fruit salad on 8/27. Soon after, my 9 yr old comes in the house to declare her hunger ..and her friends as well. So fruit bowls for all. Easy enough. However, sandwhiches were a different story. Here's where Mr. Mom got a little frustrated, and found out, it wasn't so easy to be home. Five kids, three different way to make sandwhiches. Ham without cheese or condiments. Ham with cheese, no condiments, and then our two with everything. It boggled Chucks' mind, but he did. I sat back and giggled. Life is good. Good job Mr. mom! Regardless of how much he complained, he loved it.

Until next time.


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