Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Life of a Diabetic

Yep, I'm a diabetic. I don't dwell on it if I don't have to. I am bound and determined to watch my girls graduate go to prom, graduate high school, enter college or trade school and get married. Things my dad wasn't able to do. He was also a diabetic, but a very non compliant diabetic. I watched him deteriorate, and it wasn't a pretty picture. It was very sad actually, and his life shortened far too early. Diabetes is a horrible disease, and mainly genetic, but it can be controlled with meds and diet. That is how I hope to beat this disease! I have family members who are also diabetic. My brother, a sister, and a neice. So you could say, it runs in the family.

Having your world surrounded by thoughts of how one is going to eat isn't easy. One does have to watch high glycemic foods, such as white bread, potatoes, rice. Those foods raise the blood sugars. Also your sweetest fruits are not good, esp the really sweet ones...of course they raise blood sugar.. My doctor informed me "Everyone thinks fruit is good for them, it really isn't" It isn't good for a diabetic to pig out on them. We, you and I know that anything in moderation can't hurt, and fruits have some terrific antioxidants. So not all bad.

My blood sugars shot up because I was not eating well. I'm changing that and bringing my sugars down. Follow me again in my attempt to loose weight without pills and etc. Comment to this blog and tell me your tricks, and if you have any recipes, let me know that too!

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