Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Writing does the soul some good

I'll admit it, I am not the greatest writer. I want to be. I want to write a book about my heart child and write some childrens books. Writing helps me vent, talk about my children, my joys, my heartaches, my accomplishments. Writing helps me share the same experiences other mothers may have.

I must admit, I've had quite a few harsh sentiments about my blog. Those feeling the need to critique it. I've had alot about my businesses in my blog, and apparently not the type for some to read. But hey, I feel that if those who critique don't like what they read, they can choose not to read it. I love that I have an outlet to put down my thoughts. I never got into the whole journal thing. I blame Oprah for that. Everyone was journaling, Oprah made it big. I'm not into what everyone else is into, yet here I blog. I first started blogging to get some of my at home businesses, and my parties (vendor parties) off the ground.

I love to write about my daughters Abby and Becca. Becky, (as we call her) told us today she didn't like to be called Rebecca ann, and Abby didn't like Abigail. I told her they were beautiful names. Becky is getting to be quite the grown up 9 yr old. She said some very grown up things at breakfast this morning, although I can't recall them. I meant to blog about them right away, but had a patient to see. The girls are getting bigger, and Chuck is already thinking of retirement. I'm not ready for either. I'm probably going to work up until they actually dig my grave. I'm also prepared to have my girls around for a while with this economy.

I'm usually an optimist, but with this economy, I don't see anyone affording much. I feel fortunate we were able to sock a few bucks away for the girls for college or trade school..if they can use it. Worry worry worry, as one of my patients would say. Such is the life of a parent, ah yes they do grow up fast.

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