Tuesday, October 25, 2011

I love it when...

People who don't have children, tell you what you should do. As a parent have you run into this? I'm sure many of you have...You have inlaws or friends, who decided not to have children for reasons of their own, yet offer free advice or tell you what you should do! Excuse me, you chose not to have children, therefore, you don't get a say in what I SHOULD do. If you haven't parented, don't offer parenting advice!

Others say they don't gossip about you, yet, the gossip that they DIDN'T do, got back to you. And they were the ones who started gossiping about things in the first place.

Intimate details of my family reach other family members. You know, the ones that you see once a year. How does that happen? Gossip! LOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT.

People forget the saying "when you point a finger, there is always 3 pointing at you" So true, yet people still like to point the finger and blame everyone, and ignore their own actions.

People forget the saying "if they're gossiping about you, they are gossiping about everyone else. So true, enough that it doesn't need explainatino.

I'm done ranting...Everyone enjoy their Wednesday! Have a good week.

Until next time.

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