Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween is back!

They were coming out of the wood work! Trick treaters of everykind! Chuck, my husband had the girls and Sparky out trick or treating while I passed out candy. There were some really big trick or treaters, and when I asked some how old they were, they stated they were in 7th grade!!! Just what are 7th graders eating these days???

I have pics of my two daughters, in witch costumes I will load here soon.

Halloweeen is fun isn't it? So now that it's November 1st, when do you put up your Christmas tree? I'd love for you to comment on my blog. I can't wait to hear all the delightful answers.

Until next time


Just a struggling person. said...

Would love to see your pictures!
I probably won't put up a tree this year as we are going on vacation just before Christmas. But if I did I would put it up 2 weeks before Christmas.

Michelle said...

We only had tiny trick or treaters.. it was all so sweet and cute :) We did turn out the lights at 8 pm though. As for the tree.. most the time we wait until after Thanksgiving to decorate for Christmas.. I am not a big fan of the holidays running together.. but this year.. I really want it up now.. but then I will be tired of it by Christmas.. we shall see.. I might start with little things sooner than Thanksgiving since we are not going much for either holiday