Thursday, November 10, 2011

Christmas gifts

What is better than the gift of reading. The more children read, the more fluent they get with it. Get a book, and read with your child. The best books I have read with my chirldren is Barefoot books, and not just because I sell them. The illustrators are great, and the owners are just like you and I. Leave a comment here if your interested, and some contact info, and I will give you a code for a 20% discount good until the end of the year!

I buy barefoot books and so should you. Check it out.


watermoolen said...

I agree, a best Christmas gift is the gift of reading - as cliche as that sounds. A simple act of reading with the kids can really do wonders, especially in the age right now!

xx, Crystal

Kim Croisant said...

Following you too!!! Blog away!!!

Kim from Facebook