Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Getting older

Definitely my daughters can out play, out run, out dance, out scheme, out think me (sometimes) Living with Asthma is not easy, and right now my biggest challenge. Many of us take the basics, eye sight, walking, talking and breathing for granted. I've has Asthma all my life. For a good part of my life it was controlled. When I was younger, I was always in the office getting epinephrine shots. My family smoked, and so I would go into an asthma attack because of that or another reason. I was always told you'll outgrow it. Oh how I waited for the day! It never happened. Because back in the day, I was considered a sick kid, ironically I became a nurse.

I got really sick around Easter, and being a nurse I should have known better. Being an asthmatic for over 40 yrs, I should have known better. Having two young girls I should have known better, I was really sick. Long story short, I took myself to the E.R. thinking I would zip in and get a breathing treatment. NOOOOOOOOO, I got the works, and still am not 100 % ..and I attribute that to getting older. My pulmonologist feels I am no worse for wear...but I do think my asthma hasn't gotten any better really, just better controlled. I am getting older. It ain't easy being an old asthmatic. Asthma sucks the life right out of you. It sucks. If you can get the picture. I am on the mend, for being old.
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momof2 said...

Hang in there! I understand. I notice that I get muscle fatigue injuries more easily in sports now too. Sigh.